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crudo api 30.5 y 10.5, diesel d2, derivados, precio fob, directo empresa productora, solo clientes con mandate, loi, icpo y bcl contactar directamente:
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manuel l. castro

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compro aceite quemado o petroleo


profesional en Venezuela (20,331) hace más de 6 meses

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estoy interesado en el D-2 esta disponible todavia este es mi correo 0424.80.70.173

Valencia, Venezuela

HOLA ESTOY INTERESADO POR EL D 02 ESTE ES MI CORREO 0424.80.70.173 alfredo machado

Valencia, Venezuela

Lords buyers end of Fuels Via: sales contact : Lic., m.SC. .: Freddy Rodriguez Offer D-2- PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA (PDVSA) The Corporate Organisation: Group of Companies JRC, Investment C.A., Has the honour to address to you, on this occasion to thank him for his commercial confidence by our business products and services international, we took the opportunity to send final fuel supply D2-PDVSA-100 Million Gallons Monthly-(Spot),in USD. $ 2.25 Gallon Honourable Mr Entrepreneur International we suggest if you as buyer end of derivative Petrolífero accepts, approves and agrees with the conditions, terms and Procedures international of our international partner and commercial ally as it is the commercial representative of the FINAL seller, with the present submission;... /...Ask you respectfully send us the following documentation and information required by the Final seller company to initiate the negotiation of purchase and sale: 1. Letter of acceptance , procedures, conditions and terms international, established by the Final at the end buyer seller company, which must come at the paper with letterhead of the company buyer end, with their respective business Logo and data business, geographical and telephone, where he agrees and asks his purchase of the Petrolífero product of interest requirement, specifying the quantity, location and port of destination, likewise any other information you can make to contribute to speed to the administrative process and Legal. 2.-Permission to import, issued, adopted, signed and stamped by the Government of the country where this filed the Final buyer company, translated into the English language, by a Legal translator and recognized, if the case warrants. 3. Accept, sign, seal and send the legal protections (NCNDA-IMFPFA), as promised in the sharing of commissions on sales, in this negotiation according to the motion scheme established by the company oil selling end, which should include them: email+fone/fax-signed and sealed by the Buyer, by inserting the brokers, intermediaries and the Mandate Legal and equally should also leave boxes empty for the contact-commercial groups and our group company. 4.-The Seller may require a Charter empowers the Buyer that it considers relevant and benefit for the streamlining of the procedure for the negotiation of sale which merit the administrative procedures, legal, financial and operational. 5. Profile updated and current at the profile of the company buyer end. 6.- Copy of the permission to PROBE SOFT, 7.- Copy of el document of authorization of el Mandate of buy, issued and signed by Al Buyer, with their respective data business, geographical and telephone. 8.-RUCCVE-Registratión-PDVSA. 9.-The Buyer’s Mandate document must present certificate of appointment-Apostille. 10.-The-LOI-must-speccify-the-lot-for-months. Respetable Mr end Buyer of Fuel , respectfully we suggest, collected once the documentation and information required and requested by the company selling Final, should send a LOI BANCARIZADA, must specify the lot for months. addressed to name: PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA (PDVSA) GERENCIA GENERAL DE DISTRIBUCIÓN Y COMERCIALIZACIÓN INTERNACIONAL Atención: Ing. Freddy Calderón …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. BUYER'S COMPANY LETTERHEAD Corporate/Street Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number E-mail Address and Website Representative Contact Request Date : Presented by: I (We), person (s) name acting with full corporate responsibility as the potential BUYER hereby submit our Profile and NCNDA - IMPFA to purchase the goods, and request following Conference with Seller Representative, and RFQ from Refinery, if needed, to follow full offer as per terms/pricing of the product. 1. Name of product/commodity: _______________________________________ 2. Specification: [please add full specification sheet] 3. Total quantity tons/metric/Bbls: _ 4. Contract length: Twelve (12) months (Other___________) 5. Terms of delivery: CIF, payment at loading. 6 Destination country / Port: ____________________ 7 Price amount accepted from preliminary offer and procedures _ 8. Amount of commission accepted _ I (we) understand that any and all offer's and/or contracts are subject to successful seller verification. BY SIGNING, I (We) understand subject to pricing, commissions and procedures which will be issued to our company after conference with Seller's representative and the full receipt of an RFQ, if needed, that any offer (s) are subject to final agreement on the details of to Sales Contract (s) issued in our favor and confirmation of an agreed upon Method of Payment. Name of Signatory: _ Title of Signatory: _ Dated: ___ Signature: __________________________________________ Seal: Signatory shown above is the Authorized Signatory for this Transaction: YES __ Date: XXX, XXX, 2012 A: Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) Att.: GENERAL MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION Caracas. LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) No. XXXX I / We ______________________________________, __Nombre ___Cargo____ of the Empresa_________, residing at __________________, Registered under No. ________, _____________ carrier _________Pais Passport No. ___________, on behalf of our company XXXXXXXX ______________________________, residing at __________________, Registered under No. ____________, as indicated in the Corporate Resolution / Power of Attorney attached, with full legal responsibility of the company, would receive Full Corporate Offer with your detailed specifications, including assignment, and number of relevant export license and declaring the availability of the products described below, from any refinery in Venezuela, subject to the following terms and conditions. 1. Product Description: Seller: Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) Buyer: XXXXXXXX Product: Diesel D2 Quantity: MT per month for 6 months contract renewals Source: Ports of Venezuela. Specifications.: According to PDVSA Standard Charging Port: FOB port assigned PDVSA Venezuela Term: Contract with the possibility of lifting the first charge according to the availability of PDVSA. Port of Destination: XXXXXXXXX Contact Person: Mr. / Mrs. Xxxxxxx (complete information) 2. Conditions: Price: T.B.A. PDVSA Payment: Prepayment (5) days before the corresponding load verification of documents and contracts with PDVSA. Inspection: On behalf of the seller by an independent certified or Seabolt as SGS at the port of embarkation. Product Test: PDVSA and registration at the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum to the allocation of number of PDVSA, the refinery of origin and specifications. 3. Buyer's Bank coordinates: Name of bank: Address: Name of account: Account Number: Swift: ABA / Routing: Official Name Bank: Official Bank Phone: Official Bank Fax: Note that the Bank's main buyer above shall provide all financial support for this agreement between PDVSA and XXXXXXXXXX. This letter is valid for _____ (__) days. Yours sincerely, For and on behalf of _________________ Name: Title: Passport No.: Country: Date: Attached Documents: Document of Incorporation. Corporate Resolution / Power of Attornery. BANK LETTER (BCL GROUP OF COMPANIES JRC, C.A. INVESTMENTS VENEZUELA.- .. grupodeempresasjrc2011@gmail. Fijo-Movible: 0058-0212-834-6044: Office :( 24 hours) 0058-0416-219 4881 /-...0058-0416-717-8354 GROUP OF COMPANIES JRC, C.A. INVESTMENTS VENEZUELA.- .. grupodeempresasjrc2011@gmail. Fijo-Movible: 0058-0212-834-6044: Office :( 24 hours) 0058-0416-219 4881 /-...0058-0416-717-8354

Caracas, Venezuela

necesitamos petroleo: santa barbara, rebco y crudo pesado. derivados: gassoil, d2 y jet fuel. aluminio: lingotes y chatarra. de preferencia de venezuela, enviar fco yenviaremos loi+bcl con soft-probe.


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