dip and pay petroleum derivates

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1.Buyer issued Irrevocable Confirmed Purchase Order (ICPO) along with full banking Coordinates and Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) to Seller Bank Officer.

2.Which Will be confirmed by Bank Officer Buyer to Bank Officer Seller.
Seller review the ICPO and other document and Ipin acceptance issued the Draft Contract for Buyer to review and Accept.

3. Buyer sign Draft Contract and returns the Contract to the Seller and adds their full Banking Coordinates ,

4. Seller issue the final copy of the main Contract Agreement for final signing and Sealing to Buyer along Patail Proof Of Product( PPOP) as below:

a) Product passport analysis,
b) Product Certificate of Origin in Buyer Company Name,
c) Product Shipment Commitment Letter to Deliver ,

5.Buyer make payment for Transaction Ownership Certificate then the Document needed for the cargo sending to Buyer from seller legal department to as below details upon the receipt of product ownership in buyer company name.
• Bill of Loading
• Manifest Cargo
• Vessel Q88

6. Buyer’s bank issues irrevocable, non-transferable, documentary letter of credit covering first shipment according to contract after receipt of Seller’s PPOP and Notary documents.

7. Seller issues all Proof of Product including the SGS based on international analytical report/to buyers Bank in
accordance to instrument presented by buyer’s bank, Seller’s Bank issues 2% PB to activate the letter of credit issued by the
Buyers Bank.

8. Seller commences shipment from the commercial terminal (Russian Shore) Buyer confirm shipping documents with vessels
captain while vessel starts delivery to buyer destination according to contract schedule. Buyer arrange payment of the full cargo
value after successful Q&Q at destination port and seller arrange payment to all intermediaries after confirmation of quality and
quantity (Q&Q) or CIQ report.


Mazut-100 GOST 10585/75 RUSSIAN AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL GRADE 54 JETFUEL QUANTITY(BASIS) SPOT CONTRACT CIF FOB 500,000 BBL– 1,000,000 BBL– $45.00 $40.00 1,500,000BBL 2,000,000BBL QUANTITY(BASIS) PRICE (US Dollars) SPOT CONTRACT CIF FOB 10,000 MT – 100,000 10,000 MT – 100,000 MT $230.00 $220.00 MT 100,000 MT – 200,000 100,000 MT – 200,000 $220.00 $210.00

RUSSIAN D2 – GAS OIL (DIESEL) L0.2-62 GOST305-82 QUANTITY(BASIS) SPOT CONTRACT CIF FOB 100,000 MT– 100,000 MT– $460.00 $400.00

FOB TANK DIP AND PAY APPROVED STANDARD BANKING WORKING PROCEDURES 1. Buyer issues ICPO in accordance to Seller working procedure seller verify and approved the ICPO. 2. Seller issues to buyer CI and buyer sign and return to seller with their signed TSA (Tank Storage Agreement) with seller’s name stipulated in it as the official supplier of the product for Seller approval and NCNDA/IMFPA is also signed by all Parties for seller. 3. Seller issues, product passport analysis, delivery Injection schedule, Authorization to Dip Test buyer signs with his storage tank farm and returns to seller for final endorsement. 4. Seller endorsed DTA and issues buyer with fresh SGS and Certificate of Origin includes POP below. A. Product passport analysis. B. Injection Report. C. product payment Invoice. F. Fresh SGS Report. D. Affidavit of ownership transfer. 

E. Authorized to sell (ATS)

5. Buyer verify and confirms the pop documents, buyer make payment by MT103 or TT wire transfer for the total product available within 72 banking hours. Seller transfer the title to buyer lifting commence

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