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Looking for a partner, offering up to 40% share participation in our BEACH HOTEL project. 80% progress - Terrific location (1 hour drive from Caracas). Strategically laid beside the new Aquatic Park, unique in 250 km around.

Close to open a new beach hotel, with 60 Villas & Suites. We come to supply a growing and unattended demand in this touristic region, with huge potential to become greater, as we're focusing into provide innovative recreational services. Our makro project plan include start immediately civil works on water park, where the new partner is also welcome to participate after further conversations. Together, both projects gaining synergy. Beside, the region is suffering from a hotel infrastructure not fully developed, making this element a tremendous opportunity to succeed. This is something unique a few miles away from capital city and strategically located on the east way. Market researches support all previous.

The tourist potential of the area + the great demand that already exists for this type of services, targeting a captive market of 5 million ppl from Caracas (Vzla capital city); easy access, just a few kms from beatiful beaches; urbanism with navigable waterway, unbeatable location with respect to the Airport (soon to become lnternational); and finally, a set of "Related Projects" (with not equal in 250km around), where we’re protagonist. Some of them, as well part of this proposal. Producing synergy & creating a development axis.


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Alejandro GutiƩrrez

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Caracas, Distrito Federal, Venezuela

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